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Backup & Security

Data Security is essential. We advise you concerning data security with regard to economic and legal requirements. We have teamed up with leading manufacturers in this area.



From Responsive through SQL to Webshop: We plan any project size with you. Thus, we will help you get the Website you were looking for.


Software and Hardware

The right hardware needs the right software. We put together the right combination according to your requirements. No matter if it is high-end computers or affordable security solutions – just contact us.



Make calls from anywhere. The VoIP technology allows you to set up a decentralized telephone system. The possibilities are almost unlimited.



The broad concept of the "cloud" is ambiguous, colloquially. In this context we understand all processes and actions that take place on remote computers/servers. The most important question is: Who operates the remote computer and who can access what. Let us help you.


IT - Network

Small and medium-sized businesses need secure and powerful IT networks. The challenge is not to get lost in the jungle of possibilities.

Why us

With a creative team we realize thoughts and ideas correctly .


5 Years of Experience

24 Successful Projects

1000+ Happy Customers

Focus on your core business.

We'll handle the rest.

  • Microsoft Windows computer assembly, setup, repair,
  • Data recovery,
  • Virus-Malware-Adware cleanup,
  • Network setup (Wi-Fi and cable, Powerlan, etc.),
  • Various types of repairs,
  • Don't hesitate to get in touch.



What We Do

In the age of the internet, having a smoothly functioning IT system is absolutely essential for any venture, and a website serves as its public face. We provide support in every aspect of this. Rely on our experience and expertise. We do web, and so much more!

Whatever you need, be it designing or redesigning your public image, developing customized solutions, or simply getting a new computer for your new trainee, we provide quick and reliable assistance.


IT & Networks