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Pi-hole: Central Solution for Ad-free Experience on All Devices

Many internet users are annoyed by online advertising. When ads are additionally exploited for the dissemination of malware, significant threats come to users. Therefore, it is not surprising that Ad blockers are increasingly used. These are browser plugins that filter out advertising and trackers. However, ads are also increasingly being used in apps where Ad blockers do not work. Anyone who wants to banish ads from their computer, smartphone, or smart TV once and for all will appreciate the benefits of Pi-hole.

An Ad Blocker for All Devices

Pi-hole is a free software solution that is installed on a Linux-operated Raspberry Pi. Only one command is needed for the installation, after which the system can be adjusted via a graphical interface. The Raspberry Pi then acts as a filter between the internet and the end devices in the household or office. A major advantage of the solution is the simple, centralized operation: With Pi-hole, ads and trackers can be blocked on a DNS level throughout the network.

DNS and How Pi-Hole Works

The Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the most important services on the World Wide Web. It is used to translate domain names and IP addresses. If you enter a domain in the browser, it is first translated by a DNS server into an IP so that the website can be accessed. For this to work smoothly, the addresses of the DNS servers are usually automatically stored by the provider in the router. Ads that are placed on websites or in apps also rely on the same principle: In order for advertising to be displayed, it must first be loaded from a specific domain. A DNS server must first translate the domain into an IP address. Pihole prevents exactly this. The software is based on dnsmasq and a list of more than 100,000 domain names that deliver advertising or track users. If the Raspberry Pi with Pi-hole is used as a DNS server instead of a router, the system can prevent connection attempts to the listed domains, so that no more advertising is displayed. This applies to browsers and apps on all devices connected to the Raspberry Pi.

Basis for Ad-free Surfing and Supplement to Security

The central filtering concept of Pi-hole is an outstanding solution for all those who use multiple devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, or smart TVs in the house and want to surf ad-free. Nevertheless, the Pi should not function as the only protective mechanism. Wherever possible, an advanced ad blocker should continue to be used to ensure that such nasties are filtered out, which Pi-hole cannot detect. In addition, good antivirus software is necessary because Pi-hole is not designed to detect viruses or spyware. Those who also want to surf the internet anonymously need a VPN service. A VPN can be used to mask the real IP address, so that websites can be deceived with a false location.

Pi-hole offers the advantage of central ad filtering. When used in conjunction with all other security solutions such as antivirus on end devices and VPN, the user can enjoy a comfortable and secure web experience.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of Pi-hole quickly and inexpensively, you can order a complete system directly from us. Just use our contact form:

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