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Viruses, Malware, and More: Stay Protected with F-Secure's Internet Security SAFE

In today's digital age, many users are aware of the multitude of risks that lurk on the World Wide Web. From data theft to malware to ransomware attacks - it is imperative that we protect ourselves and our devices. This is where the F-Secure "Internet Security SAFE" security software comes into play, offering comprehensive and proactive protection for all your devices.

F-Secure's software solution is not just a simple antivirus program. "Internet Security SAFE" is a comprehensive security solution aimed at making the digital world safer for everyone. The solution protects you in real-time from viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other online threats on all your devices, whether Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. The software checks all files and applications you download or open and blocks or removes malicious software before it can run on your device.

But the services of "Internet Security SAFE" go far beyond warding off malware. With integrated tools to protect your online privacy and enhance your internet security, F-Secure offers all-around protection. This includes reliable browser protection that warns you about harmful websites and supports secure online shopping and banking. In addition, the software ensures that your personal data and online behavior cannot be tracked or collected by third parties. Another standout feature is parental control, which allows parents to restrict their children's internet access and protect them from inappropriate content.

User-friendliness is also a focus of "Internet Security SAFE". The software is easy to install and use, with clear instructions and an intuitive interface. In addition, F-Secure offers 24/7 customer service if you need help or have questions. You can install the software on all your devices to ensure that all your devices and data are protected.

Internet security and privacy should never be compromised. With F-Secure's "Internet Security SAFE", you can surf the internet, work, and play without worrying about threats and risks. Invest in your digital protection and discover how F-Secure can make your everyday life safer. Take the first step towards a safer digital life and opt for F-Secure's "Internet Security SAFE" today.

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Acronis Data Backup: Enhanced Data Security for Businesses

Digitally stored information is a valuable asset. Economic existence or personal success often depends on data stored on hard drives. Unfortunately, it is often forgotten that hard drives, SSDs, and other storage media do not last forever and are always threatened by external factors. Unpredictable power outages, voltage spikes, or viruses can damage storage media and destroy stored information. Acronis Backup offers more data security and protection against such problems. This software solution allows businesses and households to create automated backups and restore them as needed.

Acronis Protects Against Numerous Threats

Regular backup copies protect against annoying data loss. Software like Acronis takes on this task with adjustable and automated backup plans. You can select specific files and folders such as documents, photos, videos, drafts, emails, and other important information or backup the entire storage media. The extensive setting options of the software are particularly a boon for companies. Companies are legally required to store electronic correspondence and invoices in a revision-proof manner. If the hard drive on which such information has been stored fails, all data is likely to be lost. This, in turn, means an illegality, which can end with high fines. However, if a backup was created beforehand with Acronis, the data can be easily restored from the backup copy. The same applies if data is destroyed by a virus or made inaccessible by ransomware. Not to be underestimated is also the weakest link in any security concept: the human. Sometimes files are overwritten or deleted by mistake. In these cases, a backup copy pays off – regardless of whether the computer is used by private individuals or as part of a company.

Threats at a glance:

  1. Power failures and voltage spikes
  2. Hardware failures due to wear and tear
  3. Hardware theft
  4. Viruses
  5. Ransomware
  6. Human error

How Acronis Data Backup Works

Acronis Data Backup offers tailor-made backup plans and smooth restoration. After installation, you have to choose which data should be backed up. Once files, folders, partitions, or complete data carriers have been selected, a target drive is selected. For the backup to serve its purpose, it must be stored on a different data carrier than the source drive. In addition to selecting local data carriers such as USB hard drives, network drives, FTP, or cloud services are also a storage option. Acronis also offers encryption. Once the target drive has been determined, an automated backup plan can be created. This way, it is defined how often backups take place. An intelligent automatic system can also perform backups when the computer is not being used, which saves resources.

The more often a backup is carried out, the more up-to-date the data status is. To avoid having to back up already backed up, unchanged data over and over again, Acronis offers two additional options besides full data backup. A full backup is always necessary as the first backup. Here all selected data are copied to the target data carrier. If such a complete backup is already available, two other types of backup can be carried out to save storage space and time. If you choose a differential backup, it builds on the status of the full data backup and only copies new or changed data. For this reason, it is also faster than a complete backup. Another option is incremental backups. These also based on the full backup and only include new or changed data. But the second incremental backup and further backups of this type no longer build on the complete backup, but compare the status with the last incremental copy. This saves resources, but older data can only be restored taking into account the increments. If a file is changed multiple times and taken into account in an incremental backup, the original version probably cannot be restored.

Buy and Set Up Acronis Backup

A backup solution like Acronis is indispensable both at home and in the company. If you want to enjoy data security and wish for reliable backup software, you can turn to our experts. If you want to buy Acronis Data Backup in Trier or want a tailor-made setup, use our contact form:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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